What? You Dont Have An Ebay Store?

E-bay shops come at three levels: Basic for $15.95 per month, Featured for $49.95 per month or Anchor for $499.95 per month (yes, that’s entered correctly: nearly $500). Where to start is with Basic (you can even get a weeks free trial offer), but if you like what you find then you should upgrade to Featured easily, mainly because it’s so many extra features. Not…

Actually, you do not have even been aware of eBay stores. Continue reading to find out what youve been lacking. Navigating To http://www.stores.ebay.com/annie-maes-great-finds/ website likely provides warnings you might give to your dad.

eBay stores come at three levels: Basic for $15.95 per month, Featured for $49.95 per month or Anchor for $499.95 per month (yes, that’s entered correctly: almost $500). Get further on our favorite partner paper – Click this web site: www.stores.ebay.com/annie-maes-great-finds. Where to start is by using Basic (you may even get a months free trial offer), but if you like what you find then you must upgrade to Featured quickly, mainly because it’s a great number of additional features. Remember that you must have a feedback rating of at the very least 20 before you can get an eBay store.

But what exactly is an eBay store? Generally, it lets you list a set of fixed price auctions together on one page for a lot longer than auctions usually last and most vendors with eBay shops list the items in a somewhat lower price. Its such as for instance a listing of your special offers. You can put your brand on the store and write a little about your organization and policies, and your customers can research your store for anything they could want. Consumers can click through to your store utilizing the door symbol close to your name.

A good way to consider it is that its a little like having your own personal e-commerce site outside eBay where you can list your items more long haul except its all done for you without you having to master a new system. Items in stores can be outlined for 30, 60, 90 or 120 times, or you can list things permanently, paying monthly for every one.

So you Want an eBay Store Now?

You can visit eBay stores at http://stores.ebay.com. Go there now and click the Open a Store button on the right-of the screen to begin registering for the free trial offer. Then you’ll find a couple of steps to go before your store may open for business.

Stage 1: Pick a topic. You can have whatever style you need on your store, but to begin with pick something from eBays choices that you think will be correct. To discover additional info, consider checking out: g & j enterprises.

Stage 2: Add your stores name, description and brand. You can choose one of eBays pictures for your logo or distribute a logo of your if you’ve one. Dont worry, it is possible to always change this later. Identify new information on a partner article directory by clicking http://stores.ebay.com/annie-maes-great-finds/.

Stage 3: Choose your membership stage, and then click Start My Subscription Now. Your store is ready! Understand that you can customise it more at any time.

Listing items in your store is like list items o-n normal e-bay applying Buy it Now, except the stays you can choose from for the store are considerably longer.

By now, youve probably spent the time in eBay that youre starting to get used to it but again, you also could have been a victim of fraud by now, or at-least observed fraud happening to the others. The mail can tell you how to fight eBay fraud..